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    I’m taking little purple pills. I keep

    them in a sky blue glass box by the sink


    Sometimes I push and push

    (good mother, food mother)

    but I can’t get out

    of this house.

    I am scraping these walls,

    shaving them, smoothing them

    blank as a page and ripe as stone

    looking for a stinging cut,

    a word, the force behind some hand

    that strikes finalities.



    I am not a good housekeeper.

    flour moths

    fly out of the cupboards.

    I throw away the oyster crackers:

    larvae are squirming in each hexagon

    hollowed out by tiny mouths

    to hold their young.

    I’ve thrown away a lot of food

    but I‘ve never gotten rid of them.


    I  scrunch scrunch

    inside the box.

    The wall is sky cold

    my thinking crinkles

    as this blue slides in and

    makes a static white of it.


    I don’t miss a thing.

    I’m taking little purple pills. I keep

    them in a sky blue glass box by the sink





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      Nina's Nook and Nina Studio - Poetry by Nina - Welbutrin

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