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    Changing all the Time

    I have discovered that things have to "happen" in order to get people to come in to the space. My impulse to have other people show at the Nook, and to have the fabulous Triple S erotic art show, was a good one. Now that the show is over in March, people are not coming in to the shop! It is a nice hiatus however, and I can indulge in some restocking and other projects while I am down there. With another show opening on the 5th of April I haven't long to wait around. 

    Is it at all about selling stuff? Who would ever do this with the intention of making a living at it. I feel like I am creating culture and participation, but not sales, but not really all that unhappy about it. The attention to the work is rewarding, and as long as I can afford to I can do this for fun, for a contribution to the community, for my own mental health. I quickly got over some of my public cringing and took a liking to this shop keeper role. Sort of what I missed about running The Lunch Line, was my business role. The feedback is much greater than being an employee!! 

    It's hard to go into the candy store and get a big honking dose of negativity. Especially when what's passed off as opinion has its origin in hearsay rather than direct experience. It is like a poison. I turn the radio up in the store so as to not hear the booming beats of that voice from the other side of the wall. It does seem like he would sell to the right offer, but knowing how he is, noone will ever give him the right price and he won't let go, just strangle the place to death bit by bit. Already there's just dribs and drabs of candy in the case left over from V-day. 

    Here I am being negative myself. It seeps through the bricks! sorry.

    On a brighter note, the fence will be installed soon and I can work on the Cranny and be assured that it won't get wrecked--unless it is sabotaged from the windows above.


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